YuppTV Happiness SALE for Indians in UK


Everyone likes watching their home made TV series and movie, even while staying away from one’s motherland. Who wouldn’t possibly want? It’s a great joy for non-resident Indian staying in the UK to get their daily dose of Indian movie, and serial content. Motivated by this huge demand of entertainment, many global media giants have come up with different ideas to offer leisure and entertainment related content in real time. Offering live TV channel to NRIs is a positive step in delighting the Indian expat community in Britain. All one needs to do is download application on their smart phone and they will be able to see any Indian TV channel anytime and anywhere in the UK.

Previously, there had been no Indian TV content availability in Britain. This had made NRIs to settle for foreign language TV content. But, now the scenario has reversed, and you can watch Indian TV serials and movies online sitting comfortably at your home in the UK.

YuppTV, one of the biggest Over-The-Top (OTT) suppliers in the world for South Asian content, has announced the start of “Happiness Sale” in the United Kingdom of Britain. This unique conception of delivering amazing deals for viewers through its platform will allow Indians living overseas to stay connected with their Indian films, serials, news and kid programs. This will give them a taste of their own motherland, while staying away at foreign land. There are well over 200 plus channels and you can even watch your regional channels on this app.

This Happiness Sale deal specializes in delivering one or more categories of broadcasting to tailor for diverse customer roles. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) can get through the Mega or economy packages depending upon how often or the number of channels/ programs they want to watch. Plus, you can also go for a monthly, or half-yearly or even a yearly package, depending on your need. By subscribing to a yearly package offer, users can get a free YuppTV Media Player absolutely free!

YuppTV, being one of the world’s main On-demand and internet-based TV service provider for South Asian content, provides more than 200+ TV channels, 5000+ Movies, and 100+ TV Shows in more than 12 languages. It is the most downloaded Indian Smart TV app, and has a mobile downloads of around 8 million and boasts of a 4.0 user rating. Get ready for all your favorite serial, news channels and movies online. You can access through its website, or through its app on gaming consoles, Smart Blu-ray players, streaming media players, Smart TVs, smart phones, and tablets.

Get this amazing offer of happiness sale today and watch your favorite channel & movies on this application as and when you want.