Why to choose Artificial turf over Natural Grass?


Artificial turf (Synthetic Grass)or Field Turf is fast becoming the preferred choice for commercial and residential applications both. It was until now being used only for large scale commercial projects such as sports arenas and school playgrounds. Now they have started making their way into homes. This is mainly due to the fact that they are easy to maintain, cost effective and hassle free. Where natural grass will take a lot of time and effort, artificial grass is good to go right after purchase. It is basically synthetic grass made out of mainly recycled polymer. It is an ideal choice for the elderly, for whom mowing lawns can be a bit of a hassle.

Synthetic grass is the preferred choice for sports arenas due to many reasons, primary being cost effectiveness. Artificial grass does not require as much upkeep as real grass. It does not need trimming, which also helps utilize time for some other important matter. Other than that was the size factor. A football field is almost 100 meters long and 45 to 50 meters wide. The flooring of such dimensions with natural grass demands a lot of upkeep cost. Artificial turf solves that problem as it requires very less maintenance. It does not need to be  watered, thus saving water cost. Also there is the factor that a lot of arenas use a sun shed. The problem which arises with natural grass in such cases is that it does not get proper sunlight and hence deteriorates with time. All these factors make artificial turf the ideal choice for other large scale applications as well.

But it is not just limited to that now. You might even find it on your next door neighbour’s lawn. It is fast gaining popularity for household application as well. It is mainly due to factors below-

  1. Popular choice for places with unfavorable conditions for natural grass such as arid lands. Also places where sunlight is not in abundance.
  2. It is less prone to damage than natural grass. Natural grass often can be seen with bald patches, which happens due to constant walking around.
  3. It is an ideal application for homes with pets, as holes cannot be dug into it. So it leaves no chance of pets destroying the grass.
  4. It is also a good choice for children to play on, as constant use will not affect its look.
  5. It requires minimal maintenance as compared to natural grass, with no cost involving mowing, trimming, watering etc.
  6. There is no question of slippery mud, as there is no use of soil.
  7. An ideal choice for holiday homes as low maintenance is required. Other applications are swimming pool, roof gardens etc.

Artificial grass is a thing of the future, and its fast growing use is evidence of that.