Why Piezomed should be your next addition


The Piezomed is nothing short of a marvel in technology because of what ti can do and help the dentist or surgeon to accomplish! If you’ve never heard of this product before then now is the time to educate yourself. At a glance the Piezomed is actually a Piezo surgery unit that is considered to be one of the best in the world due to its minimally invasive and very effective performance. That is definitely why you should consider it as your next addition to your tools of the trade.

The Piezomed actually accomplishes everything that it promises to do through ultrasound that is being utilized more and more in oral surgeries. Right out of the box the Piezomed comes with the ability to detect any instrument it is attached to automatically and comes in three individual modes of operation. The device’s handy boost power function will help to prolong its battery life for upwards of an additional 20% to provide longer usage.

You will see on the outer side that there is an LED ring which provides sufficient illumination that helps to provide enough lighting so that dentists can see accurately where they need to direct their focus to. When it comes to keeping the device and its parts clean after each use on a patient then there is nothing to worry about as the handpiece along with its sockets, cables as well as other parts are made to be washed in thermos water and are completely sterilizable which is handy at keeping it completely free from bacteria.

Its key features includes provide accurate and efficient cooling which is aimed at releasing the stress of performing the oral surgery for prolonged periods of time, and the individual operation modes are built to be used in almost any sort of situation imaginable. What you get out of the box is basically everything you need out of the Piezomed surgical unit to get yourself started.

Aside from the unit itself you will get the handpiece that comes attached with a 1.8m long cable that includes up to 5 clips. While it comes with a stand, it actually also has the handy foot control S-N1 unit. There is also the motor support and sterilization cassette which helps to keep the tool and its related pieces sterile so that you can continue using it on other patients if necessary.

No matter what, you should consider adding the Piezomed to your arsenal so that you are able to perform surgeries at an even higher rate than before.