What you can expect from an elevator maintenance company


Elevators are lifelines for modern living and have to be cared for to ensure that there is hardly any scope for elevator downtime.  To achieve this, elevators are entrusted to reliable service providers who can take proper care of the machines through preventive maintenance.  But it is not only maintenance why you need the services of such companies. They offer many other needs related to elevators – modernization of elevators to make use of the latest technologies, carry out periodic inspections to check the health of machines and repair of elevators that might be necessary in the event of breakdowns or as a measure of preventive maintenance.

Round the clock service

Reciprocating to the demands of keeping these urban lifelines always up and running, elevator maintenance companies like http://www.admiralelevatornyc.com are used to the practice of providing service round the clock. Entrapments and obstructions are quite common experiences of elevator users that require prompt response from service providers. Although round the clock service might sound something very exclusive in some other industries, for the elevator industry it is nothing special but just the minimum norm.

  • Periodic Inspection

Reliable and safe performance of elevators is ensured by inspecting it periodically and undertaking test checks. The inspection includes cleaning and lubricating machine parts and changing any defective parts or any part that is found to be susceptible to defect that might occur in future.  The scope of inspection also includes actions that are taken to correct any violations that had been detected earlier. The role of the service provider is to co-ordinate between the owners and the Department of buildings so that there is complete compliance of statutory requirements that is necessary for running elevators.

Elevator company

  • Elevator repair

The most important part in elevator maintenance is to identify possible weakness of any machine part before any incidence of breakdown can happen. When such weak parts are detected, it has either to be replaced or repaired. Replacing can be an expensive option, so elevator maintenance companies can get these parts repaired and keep the machine running. This is a very important activity to avoid downtime effectively.

  • Fast turnaround time

Round the clock service and prompt response time would have no meaning if elevator repair or maintenance time is not kept within reasonable limits. This means that the time to get the elevator running should be as minimum as possible so that there is no inconvenience for users.

  • Flexible contracts

The maintenance contract offered by elevator maintenance companies should be custom made. There is no one size fits all contract format. Maintenance contracts are created according to the needs of customers, their budget and the kind of service that would be appropriate for upkeep of the elevators.

When you are selecting an elevator maintenance company like http://www.admiralelevatornyc.com, the above is what you should expect in the least from the service provider. In addition, make sure that the elevator maintenance company that you select is licensed by the State Department of buildings. Meeting these parameters will ensure good quality service which will also depend on the capabilities of the service provider.

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