What to look for when buying mattress in San Diego


The right mattress for a great night’s sleep is the one that meets your personal requirements for comfort and support. Before you start shopping for a new mattress, you should know some bedding basics. With some common mattress information on the variety of choices available, it will be easier to buy the right bed for you and get a great night’s sleep


Innerspring: The most extensively purchased type of bedding uses the support of moderated steel coils in a variety of configurations. Varying types and layers of upholstery support insulation and cushioning between your body and the spring unit, resulting in a range of comfortoptions. Innerspring is the most traditional type and entirely nonadjustable.

Foam:  Solid foam mattresses also offer a wide prefer of sleeping sensations or feels. They can be made of a solid core or of many layers of various types of foam laminated together like visco memory foam.

Combinations of the two Innerspring and Foam:  A combination of innerspring and specialty foam is also a nice choice.  You can profit from the confidence in a traditional innerspring mattress while getting some of the benefits of memory foam or latex in the top comfort layer.

After familiar with the type of mattress, start the shopping process at a shop that you know and believe. Remember, it is an important to have well educated salesperson who can guide you through the variousoptions in bedding to help you get the mattress that best meets your personal preferences.Make sure you should “test drive” your new mattress in shop following the SLEEP test.

Meaning of the  S.L.E.E.P Test

  • Select a mattress.
  • Lie down in your typical sleep position.
  • Evaluate the level of comfort and support of mattress.
  • Educate yourself about each selection of mattress.
  • Partner should test beds together

You probably won’t find accuratelythe same model name in one store as you did in another. There are so manyproducts available in market today. Manyretailerspromoteto offer products that are fashionable to their store. For customers that means more to select from, and S.L.E.E.P. test will help you make the right selection.

Helpful Tips for buying Mattress:

  • For suitable support, a mattress and foundation should support the body at all points with the spine in the similar shape as a human with good standing posture.
  • Compare shop services such as financing, delivery and removal of old mattress as well. Many retailers  offer mattress removal service as part of your purchase cost or for a nominal fee.
  • Shop for the best value of the mattress from the best mattress makers, not the lowest price. The best assurance for good mattress performance over many years is to purchase the best quality sleep set you can afford.
  • After selecting your new mattress, buy the manufacturer’s suggested  foundation to support the mattress. In real, purchasing the mattress without its matching foundation may impact the terms and conditions of the warranty and could also compromise its level of fire resistance.

Stay away from foam beds, as you are unlikely to get the support you need for quality sleep, unless they’ve been intentionally manufactured for a larger load. Innerspring or air beds offer the best choice.

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