Understanding the Right Way to Gain Muscle Mass


A lot of bodybuilding beginners want to know that how to get muscles? The problem starts when they try different things in order to achieve big muscles without the proper knowledge of bodybuilding. They are unaware that by applying proper bodybuilding techniques they can achieve big muscle mass within a short period of time, Mucuna can improve muscle gains. After working out five days a week, they don’t to see any improvement because they are putting their body under pressure. This is the time when they need to consult an experienced physical trainer to tell about the mistakes they are making. Physical trainer will also find out that what is going wrong in your workout plan? In this article we will discuss the common major problems which are obstacles in the way of success.

Over training

This is probably known as the biggest problem which most of the men face. People who are overtraining themselves will find it difficult to increase their muscle mass because their bodies don’t get enough time to recover and repair. The key to bodybuilding is by stimulating the muscles and then taking proper amount of rest so that your body can recover and grow. That is the reason why you are not gaining, you have to train one or two muscle groups at a time and the workout is not supposed to last more than one hour. According to a report if you are training for more than 50 minutes, then you fall in the category of over training. Any kind of training which you exceed by 50 minutes will take you in the area of over training. That is why you have to select the exercises and make your exercise routine in such a way that you can complete it within 50 minutes.

Let us have a brief look as what you can do in the gym. You can select four exercises per body part. You can add two warm up sets with 15 repetitions each before you start doing with weights. In order to gain muscle mass you have to do 8 repetitions of every exercise. The point to remember is that you have to burn out between 6 to 8 repetitions, in case you can perform 12 or more repetitions, then you must increase the weights.

Diet and Nutrition

This is an area where most of the men failed to understand that by eating right food and consuming all the necessary nutrients, you can get astonishing results. Your body will grow at a rapid pace; healthy calories will help your body to repair the muscles.

I suggest consuming 5 to 6 meals every day and you can also add a supplement to your diet. Mucuna can improve muscle gains, but you are supposed to consult with your physical trainer before using it. If you eat quality foods in the required amount, then your body will not have any other option except to grow your muscle mass.


If you are not motivated, then you cannot perform the weight training with consistency and in order to grow muscle mass you have to do it regularly.