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Cox & Kings Global Services has set a standard so high that the other business process outsourcing agencies in the same arena find it difficult to keep pace with the expert. It is due to their reputation of offering quality work that the many embassies and consulates across the globe have entrusted them with the responsibility of important assignments pertaining to Visa applications, processing, and documentation. Any lapse in quality will mean there is breach of security, which can be harmful for nations. But this company can claim and boast that never has any such lapse taken place. As such Cox & Kings Global Services have enjoyed the confidence of its clients ever since it was set up in the year 2008. It is basically a subsidiary of Cox and Kings Ltd (CKL). CKL was incorporated in the year 1758 and is regarded as the oldest travel company.

Areas of service

Broadly speaking, the company is involved in 3 major areas related to travel and allied services. These are Visa Processing and Passport Application, Biometrics Enrollment, and Electronic Document Management. It must be mentioned here that all the 3 areas of service are vital to the security and well being of any nation and when such an important responsibility is entrusted to an agency like Cox & Kings Global Services, this itself speaks volumes about the quality of work and responsibility that this CKL subsidiary has manifested over the years.

  • Accepting applications after pre-scrutiny
  • Fees paid by the applicants and its remittance to respective embassy
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Information dissemination through different media like call center, internet, and printed matter
  • Processing application
  • Legalization
  • Verification
  • Data translation
  • Secure data transfer of information of applicants and the collateral they provide
  • Biometric enrollments of applicants, which are in compliance with security benchmark
  • Creating database as well as managing applications that are received from applicants

CKGS is also an excellent place to work. The team of professionals is well versed and is skilled to handle even the most complex of situations. The workforce at CKGS is energetic, dynamic, believes in team work, creative, and has an urge to excel in everything it does.

Missions served by CKGS

The Cox & Kings Global Services boasts of serving very important missions around the globe. They are associated in the capacity of service delivery partner with the following consulates and embassies-

  • Consulate General of Italy, UAE
  • The Embassy of India in Israel
  • Consulate General of India, Munich
  • Embassy of India, Berlin
  • Dubai Visa in India
  • Consulate General of India-New York
  • Consulate General of India-San Francisco
  • Consulate General of India- Houston
  • Consulate general of India – Atlanta
  • Consulate General of India – Chicago
  • Norwegian Embassy in India
  • Royal Thai Consulate general for Western India

During the period 2008 through 2012, it served the High Commission of Singapore, India.