Tips on using Blue Azulene Hard Wax Kit


Do you often miss your appointment at the parlour? And end up using the sticky painful wax strips at home? To get respite from gluey wax strips that make your skin sore and lead to tenderness , you can be dependent on hard wax Blue Azulene which comes in a kit and can be easily used by you at home. With a low melting point, Blue Azulene hard wax also soothes your skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties to ensure no harm is done to your soft and supple skin. To guide you in applying this wax, here is a set of simple instructions:

  • Begin with heating the wax at 50°C/120°F in order to ensure it forms a honey-like texture which can be easily applied.
  • Now change the settings from warmer temperature to lowest and wait for at least 10-12 minutes before finally applying it.
  • In the waiting time, you are advised to prepare your skin for waxing. Apply starpil gel for providing an added layer of protection to your skin. For best results, never forget to apply the gel.
  • Use a test strip to see if the hard wax temperature isn’t too hot to be applied on your skin; you can test in on your wrist.
  • The thumb rule of proper hair removal is to applying the wax in the exact direction of hair growth; don’t apply in the opposite direction or otherwise it could be extremely painful and may leave your skin inflamed and red.
  • Leave the layer of wax to cool and then peel it off by pulling it in the reverse direction of your skin hair growth.

This natural hard wax type is made of bees wax and excellent-quality rosins. It also has anti oxidants and glycerine for complete nourishment of your skin.

Here are the main reasons why you should always prefer Blue Azulene hard wax kit instead of strips:

  • This hard wax promises great elasticity and doesn’t turn into chunky, sugary gel substance that could be bothersome to apply.
  • Azulene makes it suitable for use on every skin type- whether you have oily skin or dry, this is the best wax type to use on a regular basis.
  • This highly effective wax opens up skin pores which it makes it easier to remove hair as small as 1mm- it removes them from the root and delays their growth.
  • Doesn’t break or crack even after cooling.
  • You don’t need strips for removing this wax; simply use gloves.
  • It is ideal for using for Brazilian Bikini wax purposes.

You can buy this strip less hard wax kit is available online on different websites catering to clients looking for cosmetics products. This home wax kit is easy on your pocket too as it prevents you from paying excessive service charges to your waxer. Now forget the worries of making regular visits to your parlour, use Blue Azulene Brazilian wax Kit at home and get amazing results!