Tips for starting your own recreational league team


The point of starting your own recreational league team is not so you can enter and win big tournament, but rather that you can keep in shape and with a few friends. Furthermore, it will be a good way to do something with your local community and to just simply have fun.

Choosing the right name

While you might not want to make a big deal out of your team, it is still vital that you choose a fitting name that will somehow mark it and make it recognizable as well. Keep in mind that a catchy name could mean that you will draw more attention to your team, and while it is a good idea, it might be too much for the time being, as you are not trying to do anything too serious.

Will you have a field to play on?

Starting your own team might seem like a good idea, but unless you have a spare field to use for practice, you should not get your hopes up. Luckily, there are plenty of fields you can look into, and your only worry will be if it will cost too much or not. On the other hand, if it is possible to have a place for yourselves, it would make every meeting better and more productive.

Make a logo

You cannot have a successful team without a good logo to remember it by. Later on, when you become good at the sport, you can even have some memorabilia printed with your logo on it as well. Though, when making the logo be sure to look around as it can be quite pricey, and you could hire a company to make one from a stock template that will not cost as much. Keep in mind that planning for the future is necessary, and having a logo will help attract partners and contributors who could help your team out.

Team management is absolutely necessary

Without good management to lead your sports team, it will be total chaos out on the field and it could make things difficult not only for players, but also for whoever wants to join and help out. This will be a necessary factor for your team because scheduling tournaments might be impossible if you do not have someone who will take care of it. A coach will be part of the management as well, and they should be at least someone who knows how to play the sport well, to help.

A team dress to tie players together

No team is complete without a set of matching dresses. But, keep in mind that ordering so many could be expensive, which is why you need to make sure that you want the team to live on, as it will be an investment. With Clothing Planet to help you out, you can make a great design for your dresses, and the next time you play, it will really boost your team’s morale.

Set up a budget

Without a budget it will be hard to operate your team, and you will not be able to participate in a lot of events. However, with a small monthly fee, it is possible to collect enough finances to fund minor events and to buy necessary equipment.


Running a small recreational team will be no piece of cake, and without careful planning you might just bite off more than you can chew. Be sure to consider every step, so that you can ensure that the team survives and that you have people who will be willing to join.