Tilt-up Construction: A Preferable Choice For Design Build Contractors


Tilt-up construction possess numerous advantages as compared to steel or the traditional constructions for various types of commercial and industrial buildings such as call centres,warehouses,offices,stores etc. Basically, tilt-up construction is suitable for one to two storey structures more than 55,000 sq feet with less wall opening space.

Here are some of the advantages:

Saving construction funds: Tilt-up construction proves to be a money saving construction choice. This method requires locally available materials rather than the one’s that have to be shipped or manufactured. This reduces the basic raw material costs, helping decrease a major part of the total capital investment.Since the locally available raw materials are used, there is an added bonus of being less prone to price fluctuations as well as having access to any time availability.This even adds on to reduce labor cost.

A speedier construction process: Tilt-up process has the ability to fasten the process of construction and end up delivering prior to schedule. The process of building walls using the traditional construction techniques is much time consuming as compared to erecting the walls with the tilt-up panels.

Safety and Protection: Tilt-up process is anytime a safer method of construction.Instead of scaffolding, most of the construction takes place on the ground.This reduces most of the risks that the workers face while construction.

Aesthetics: Each of the tilt-up panels are custom designed and not prefabricated.There are many options of wall textures,colors,finishes etc are available with this process.By using tilt-up process of construction, te architects and designers have access to virtually unlimited flexibility in moulding a perfectly functionable and aesthetically sound building.

These were some of the major advantages of a tilt-up construction process.All the more, there are benefits that have a longer effect on projects built using tilt-up construction.Here are a few of them stated below:

Durability Factor: Titl-up process is very durable by nature. There are structures made during the early 1900 still standing tall with some minor wear and tear.Most of the contractors in California tend to prefer tilt-up construction despite being in an earthquake prone zone.This surely makes a statement about the strength of these infrastructures.

Safe from Fire hazards: In order to ensure fire safety, special concrete that meets the fire resistance standards of the building codes is used in tilt-up panels.Therefore buildings made using tilt-up panels ensure complete safety of the tenants life, property and overall well being.

Low maintenance cost: Normally tilt-up construction buildings need very less maintenance apart from the regular cleaning and dusting. You might as well be happy about living an “ insect free” life, as tilt-up building constructions offer the same.

Easy expansion and repair solutions:
The catchy modular design of the panel allows easy repairs and expansion options.This is much feasible as compared to other type of structures.

Understanding the above stated benefits, it gets easier to perceive why most of the build contractors, construction managers and other savvy builders prefer tilt-up construction than other options.Why wouldn’t they ! Delivering a quality, valuable, speedier and durable living experience involving the lowest of investment, sounds like one of the best a choices available nowadays.

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