The Right Way To Use Small Display Cases


It isn’t always well known to many people on the right way to use small display cases and the worst thing that you can do with it is to display large items in them. The way that these display cases work is that their size alone makes for very little room for your products and by placing a very large object inside of it, this will cause it to have an effect that will turn your customers away. Here’s how you can utilize them to the fullest benefit.

  • Placing the right sized products in them

The way that these small display cases work is that their size will automatically pique the interest of your customers who walk into your store. By placing objects that are of the right size inside them, you are creating an effect that makes people want to come closer to have a better look at what you have to offer.

This type of effect is typical in many other bigger sized display cases but it is definitely at its peak when you use the smaller sized cases. It is also well understood that the longer you can get your customers to stay in your store, there is a higher chance of them actually making a purchase so when you pique their interest this way, you are guaranteed to enjoy a boost to your sales!

  • Making sure they are noticeable

Considering the fact that these are in fact small display cases, it becomes even more important for you to find the right spots to place them so that they become more noticeable. They are small cases so if you put them in the wrong locations, they can easily be overlooked by your clients and the products that you have so painstakingly chosen and placed within them will not be seen and thus will not be purchased.


Ideally you will want to keep your display cases in places that they are sure to be seen by the people who walk into your store. You can choose to have your most expensive items put on display inside them to attract even more attention from your customers but ultimately the rule of thumb is that people are attracted to things that are shiny. Put in a shiny item on display and watch as your clients automatically start moving towards it as they enter your store!


  • Keeping it clean and smudge-free is paramount


Your items may be of the highest quality or may look absolutely beautiful but if your clients see that your small display cases have dirty smudges then this will turn them away in disgust. That is why you need to always make sure that you dust and wipe the cases regularly to keep dirt at bay.