The Evolution Of Audio Systems


The audio systems are electronic equipment’s that are used for entertainment purpose. There have been drastic changes in the audio system industry from the earlier stereo system to the present day surround sound. The stereo system was introduced to increase the quality of sound and to make it more effective. The audio system consists several components that are involved in the working of the system. The earlier models of audio system were the tape recorder and mp3 players. The present system has an audio player that is connected to amplifiers which increases the power of sound signal and then sends it to the speakers. The audio player reads the information on the recorded medium and converts it into signals that can be amplified by the sound boosters. Even if the sound signal were weak the amplifiers would be able to enhance it before emitting out through the speakers. Speakers work on the principle of vibration. When the signal from amplifiers is transmitted they cause vibrations with the help of electromagnetic coil present in the speakers. This delivers the sound to the listeners. Stereo system used two-channel audio transmission, which is different from the present day surround system. Surround system gives the effect of sound coming from every direction. This provides the user with a much better hearing experience. Surround systems are used in home theatre systems and movie theatres.

The Types Of Speakers

There are different types of speakers available with audio systems. Based on their uses they are classified into several types. Some of them being passive speakers, powered speakers, sub woofers, monitor speakers etc. The speakers are necessary for the output of sound from any audio system. Home audio systems have different speakers compared to the car audio systems. Buying a speaker would require some research and study about the various models and brands available in the market. Each speaker would have different feature and sound output compared to the other. There are highly luxurious models available which provides excellent output. Speakers are a good investment if purchased properly since they can work for a long time without any major issues. The purpose of the system has to be evaluated before going for the purchase. Some people like listening to music in the background when they work or relax. Small bookshelf speakers might do the job. For people who are interested in loud music floor standing ones can be the answer. Checking out options available along with the purpose would help in buying the right speaker. The earlier technology involved speakers receiving signals through audio cable, which has changed in the present systems.

The Wireless Speakers Era

These speakers are different from their predecessors due to the technology used in their functioning. Radio frequency is used to transmit signals to the wireless speakers. Like in the earlier models the speakers don’t have to be placed close to the audio system to deliver output. They can be wall mounted or placed in shelves away from the audio player and still be able to play music. These speakers are connected through Bluetooth, wireless connectors etc. to the system. There are different types of wireless systems available based on the requirement. Indoor speakers are smaller compared to those used for outdoor purpose. The outdoor ones are encased in weatherproof casing to protect it from varying weather conditions. These speakers are convenient to use since they don’t have the hassle of carrying cables and connectors. The popularity of wireless system has increased in the past few years due to their convenience in operation. They can be connected with any audio device like mobile phones or television sets etc. to enhance sound quality.