The Advantages of Corporate Video Production


Do you own a business in the Boston Area?  Do you need help in advertising the business services?  A corporate video production in Boston can help you.  Did you know that “[c]orporate videos are a vital part of all corporate operations from training and safety information for employees, to product and sales information to staff members, to promotional and marketing videos for potential customers.” (Ezine Articles, 2011) This article will tell you the advantages of having a corporate video production in Boston if you are in that area.

First of all you need to look at your whole business.  What could your company use a video for;to show your business to a future client, a proposed business partner and the public.  What you can make for your company are training videos, promotional videos, videos that show your services and videos that inform the public about your company.   An example would be a pharmaceutical company such as Merck.  Merck is a company that manufactures and sells medicine and vitamins. If you were to make a video for that particular company then you would target scientists, biology and chemistry majors in college to come work for you; very organized secretarial and administrative workers and good security officers- they are your employees.  Your consumer would be doctors’ offices, and regular every day people.  Your videos would market the medicine for a particular group of consumers based on their medical complaints. You see how that works?  Now continue on reading.

Videos used to promote businesses and talk to the employees can be boring. So can videos for the public.  Whats worse they aren’t much help for the company.  What your company needs for your corporate video Production Boston area is the video production companies that can deliver good video that helps you inform the consumer patient about your business.  Going back to the story of Merck, you want the public to buy the product but you also want them to understand the product. But this is a twofold video.  The consumer patient may sometimes get the medication through the doctor.  Hence you need for the doctor to know what it was and how they use it and you need the consumer patient to know how it is used.

Another corporate video production is the corporate web video.  This is good for internal use in the company.   You can also use to do webinars to teach your employees new technology and new information about the business.  For example, a training video on new procedures in the company; a company like Merck it might be new protocols in the laboratories that where they work.  A video on sensitivity training and sexual harassment using actual employees is also a good teaching tool.  The web video is also used to educate the public about certain promotions from your company as well.  For example the infomercial video you see for Boston Medical Center will show you the consumer patient about the services offered at that hospital. You might also find out in the little infomercial video about new services now allowed at that hospital and the equipment that goes along with it. You can call this video how your tax dollars are used and what your particular company has done to help you out.  You would see these on the company website and also on the internet or even YouTube.

If you find a company that specializes in corporate video ProductionBoston, you might get some perks and advantage. This particular company may be aware of where is a good place to film, good prices for services used in the making of the video as well as good people to use in the actual production of the video such as directors, actors, cameramen, and catering.  Don’t forget the legal as well.  The company can place your video in the search engines to allow the public to see them.  They may also know about paid sites as well that would advertise your video in their search engine or website.  If they place your video in the search engines this allows the web users to see the product and services you offer.  Sometimes the product will sell itself.

In conclusion, corporate video ProductionBoston in the business sector is impacted by all of the things I mentioned above. You need one that is entertaining but informative for both the company internally and the consumer externally. You need to find a company that can give you that type of video and understand how it should be used so in the event if you forgot something then the company you chose will remind you of same. is a video production company in the Boston area whose services are available for use. Please check them out online.