Some of the Wondrous and the Perfect Female Dog Names


You fall in love with the girl dogs in the family. They are son lovely and they can win hearts so easily. In fact, naming the pet is a challenge in life. You have to name the pet based on the nature it has. In fact, it is time consuming to think for a name for the pet dog. This is the reason there is the need that you discuss things with the members of the family and then decide for a perfect name for the creature. You have to see that the name suites the character of the pet.

The Right Names for the Dogs

Among the dog names for girls you can think of the name Lola. The meaning of the name is strong woman. So, it would be best to give the name to a dog with strength. It can be the name of a female bulldog. This is a popular female dog name and you will find most owners calling the dog with the same name. Pixie is one more name you can give to the dog. This is the right name for the dog with petite stature. This is the perfect name for one of the several toy breeds. There are certain owners who will name their big dogs as Pixie in order to portray a sense of humour.

Good Female Dog Names

A good female dog name is Molly. This is an Irish version of the name Mary. This is an Irish name and so it is just right for the Irish setter. The name is obviously perfect and innovative. The name can be given to all dog breeds. After Molly comes the name Sassy. This is a name depicting life and spirit. This name is specially given to the dogs that are extremely playful and lively. The name is just perfect for the dogs that have a mind of their own.

More Names to Suggest

The next dog name you can think of is Millie. The meaning of the name is gentle advisor. This name is apt for the dogs with soft nature. Millie was the name of the Springer Spaniel of the First President Bush. This was one among the several popular pooches living in the Whitehouse. Sasha is one again a good dog name. The meaning of the name is Helpmate or the Helper. This is mostly the name given by the children. You would love calling your dog with the name Sasha.

Too Good Dog Names

Among the several decent and popular female dog names you can suggest Trixie. The meaning of the same is bringer of joy. The name is specially given to the playful and the energetic female dogs. This is not a traditional name to choose. The name is truly trendy and perfect. After Trixie comes Lucy. This is a character referred to the person who brings light. This is a popular name for the dogs for the past 40 years and the essence of the name is just fantastic.