Some of The Best Boys Birthday Party Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of!


Let’s face it, buying gifts for people can be a very difficult thing to do. You need to think about the things they may want or need but never knowing for sure whether they will like your gift when they open it later. This is the same thing that happens when planning for birthday parties and finding new boys birthday party ideas can be daunting. If you’re successful in picking out the theme that they really like, you’re rewarded with an afternoon filled with games, laughter and most important of all, fun. Picking the wrong party idea however, things can go bad very fast.

With that in mind, here are a few boys birthday party ideas that are sure to increase your status in the eyes of every child that gets invited to the party.

1) Having a sports party

Boys are rowdy creatures, they love to play rough and some even prefer playing contact sports at a very young age. Games like soccer or football, baseball and tennis are all sports that boys around the world love to play. You can integrate this passion into creating one of the best boys birthday party ideas of the century!

All you need to do is decorate everything to a sports theme, maybe have a few flags of popular team logos of your child’s favourite sport. Even better, try to find out what team they like to support and then work your way from there!

2) Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are characters known to children across the world. There is no single kid on Earth who won’t yell at the top of their lungs in excitement when they see Mickey or Minnie walking through the door. Decorating everything to the Mickey Mouse theme can be fun and exhilarating for the parent as well because it is colourful, fun and besides, who can hate Mickey and his wife, Minnie Mouse?

3) Cars themed party

If there’s one thing boys love aside from videogames and sports, its cars. Something about the nature of race cars will somehow connects to the natural instincts of a boy. Maybe it’s the sound of the engines or the blazing speeds which the cars can go. Whatever the reason, having a party themed after cars is sure to make your son squeal with delight. He will never forget this moment for the rest of his life!

Planning parties can be very fun but the journey from nothing to full blown party success can be a long and tiring one. That is why this list of best boys birthday party ideas will help you decide for your next party!