Quick tips to increasing likes on your facebook page


If you have a Facebook page, then you would definitely want to know various ways to get Facebook likes to project a better image about your product or service and promote it. Making use of Facebook for your business page or any other page can really be useful because people will have access to your page whether they have a Facebook account or not. In fact having a page is the best way to interact with your target audience. So to make an online presence, having a lot of likes would be of advantage to you. However, there are several ways to buy facebook likes apart from the traditional ways mentioned below.

Promote your Facebook page:

Let your clients and everyone else know that you have a Facebook page for your business by using whichever platform you can. Shoot out an email, add the address on your business card, include it in your email signature or may be mention it in person if someone asks. And most important have quality content that people will like and join your page.

Use the customizable ‘Like Box Builder’ that will enable your users not to leave your website without liking your page.

Link Facebook to your blog:

If you have a lot on informative and well written content on your website, but don’t give an option to your readers to share it on Facebook, you’re losing out on a lot even after having right content. Keep a track of your articles and the number of likes they get and see them getting viral on the internet.

Have a Facebook widget on your blog and add it in the beginning or end of your article, so it’s easier for your readers to share your content and you can keep track of the response you receive about the article.

Use a tool like WiseStamp:

This tool helps you create really cool email signature. You can include your name, address and small icons of social media platforms that are linked to your account. You can not only add Facebook icon, but also others such as Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and your RSS feeds as well. This way everyone who receives your email gets access to your social media profile and you will eventually increase the number of followers.

How about creating a contest?

One of the most used features of Facebook is Facebook contests. Be careful while you do this as it is not legal to give something to users in order to share and like your page. Try using Facebook Ads to create a contest. You will really get a good response and lots of likes.

Request your friends to like the page:

This is the easiest way to increase the number of likes and activity on your official page. As you’re friends know you personally and know what your abilities are and how the page is going to help you, they will definitely like your page. But these type of followers might not remain active and just like your page to know what you’re upto.