Online Platform for Accessing Journals in an Efficient Way


Among many students who spend their time in social media websites, there are also some classes of students who work hard to improve their knowledge in their best possible way. Earlier, books have to be searched and gathered from a large library. It takes toll on the students, researchers and the library users to utilize their time efficiently on library. They spend hours and hours on library for researching and collecting facts. However, this is not the scenario in today’s education. Everything has now become online in order to increase the comfort of the students and make use of the knowledge portals in an efficient way.

Need for Online Portal

Online portals are nowadays inevitable for the students and for the researchers. This is because of the below reasons.

  • When analyzing from the viewpoint of a publisher, publishing has become an easy job. E-journals are also considered as a powerful way to publish the works and attract huge number of learners in a shorter span of time who can read more.
  • No physical boundaries are present in case of online platforms. A person can browse through any number of catalogs and mark any number of pages as favorites. This in turn reduces the overall time for accessing an online book or journal.
  • This method is a cost effective process. The process of buying an e-journal has also become easy nowadays with minimum steps. With the collaboration of online payment through net banking and debit card, online education platform has taken a great leap.

Structure of an Online Portal

There are many famous portals which offer an end to end facility for the users accessing the online journals. These sites also consist of many eBooks, reference books and encyclopedias. It is a great opportunity for the students to develop their knowledge. For accessing an authenticated online portal, you should be a registered user in that site. Once you register and have become the user, you are free to select the material you wish.

Browsing the topics easily is also a benefit in online platform. The topics are neatly segregated so that the users can navigate as they wish. They are free to browse the site with reference to authors, titles, category and ISBN number. Some sites also have the facility of navigating through the name of the publication. Some of the most common categories which are famous for journals are management, behavioral sciences, engineering and technology, medicine, law, statistics and health care.

Details of the journals

When you click on the particular journal, you will be getting detailed information about the material you selected. It consists of a section called preview in order to know the look and content of the material. A short description of what’s there inside the book can also be viewed. If you wish to know more, you have the option of read more.It also contains other details like the contents present in the book, the mode of payment and the number of pages. Some advanced sites also have the option of displaying related articles at the bottom to the selected ones.