Nickel Based Alloys to Match all your Industrial Needs


When you are in the manufacturing industry and that too of heavy duty machineries, you must need to be well aware of its quality standards. These machineries might require continuous replacement and repairs so as to make it function better. In such cases, you need to partner with perfect nickel cobalt alloys manufacturer who will help you with replacement solutions that ultimately increase production cycle of your equipment.

Your search for perfect industrial replacement expert ends with Geronimo Alloys. They are the best service provider of replacement parts for those industrial needs that are critical and hard to replace. They are experts in manufacturing parts ranging from

  • Large to small
  • Complicated to most simple ones
  • Customized parts according to your needs

Types of Nickel based alloys

They hold an expertise in manufacturing machine parts using nickel cobalt alloys and two most important alloys that they use are as follows:

  • Monel equivalent alloys: Monel alloys is a part of nickel based alloys family. In order to make the buying process even easier to their clients, they buy Monel alloys in bar stock and then use them to further manufacture their own products. They hold an experience in customizing machine parts by using Monel alloys thereby resulting in the production of Monel 400 and Monel K500.
  • Inconel equivalent alloys: Inconel is also a trademark nickel based family alloy. Keeping this factor in mind, the manufacturer customizes and manufactures three different nickel cobalt alloys namely Inconel 625, Inconel 718 and Inconel X750.

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, they hold an expertise in dealing with any kinds of industrial needs. They are a team of experts who are dedicated towards providing their industrial clients with the best possible solutions at lowest cost. To make this possible, they stock more than 50 different alloys and manufacture industrial parts from them.

They have a dedicated team of experts and personnel who always work towards fulfillment of client requirements. They conduct plant visit and initiates every kind of efforts from their end so as to ensure that the product manufactured functions according to your needs.

Another great advantage of associating with such manufacturer offering nickel cobalt alloys is that every part manufactured and supplied through their end are designed using “in-house”. Some of the in-house technologies they implement during manufacturing stage are as follows:

  • CNC programming
  • 3-D design
  • Treating heat
  • Pressure testing

They have a dedicated team of experts who works 24×7 so as to assist you on all your industrial needs. With ample amount of experience, knowledge and expertise, they have been leading in the manufacturing industry for more than a decade now. They also offer their clients with repairing or improvisation factors so as to ensure that all your products work better thereby increasing their life cycle and usage.

So, the next time you are in need of any kind of repairing or replacement on your industrial products, just do not forget to check out the services of this manufacturer.