Nature-oriented Festivals for a Stress-free and Enjoyable Vacation

tention free VACATION

Nature and culture are the two attractions of tourism. A tourist destination would lose its charm and be boring without a cultural heritage. Similarly, a tourist spot would attract more people if it has a superb natural backdrop. Any destination would become a tourist hot spot if it is blessed with the bounties of nature. Today’s hi-tech era is marked by mindless competition and a race towards achieving endless goals. This leaves us totally exhausted.

Everyone is looking forward to a stress-free vacation in the lap of nature for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation of course. Recent studies and research reveal that there are multiple health benefits of spending time and relaxing amidst beautiful natural surroundings. Nature is supposed to be quite effective in relieving stress, uplifting mood and spirits and renewing vigor and enthusiasm after exposure to picturesque natural vistas. Before you finalize your vacation plans I will also recommend you go through Eventraveler’s guide on EDM festivals.

Stress-free  Vacation

Festivals amidst Scenic Vistas


Wilderness is like a peep into your inner self. Along with the fun and charm of a music festival Wilderness promises debates and talks, spa, yoga classes and varied nature activities such as foraging, wild swimming and horse-riding. This festival is not meant for the ordinary festival crowd, looking for cheap excitement and thrills. The ambiance is very much family-friendly and there is a somewhat middle class touch to all the events. There is however, no compromise on the music quotient. Music lovers get ready for the event of the year.

The event is going to take place in the picturesque lakeside Oxfordshire backdrop and you would get the opportunity to hear a brilliant line-up that includes Ben Howard, Bjork, and George Clinton who would be performing with his epic bands Funkadelic and Parliament. Visit’s guide on rock concert for more information.

Midnight Sun Marathon

There is a plethora of summer events and festivals in Norway. Summer in Norway could be a great experience with so many mind-blowing events and festivals taking place in the months of June, July and also, August. This is a great crowd-puller. The event attracts runners from more than 50 countries every year for competing at night, but not in darkness, but in complete daylight thanks to the midnight sun which never sets from mid-May to the middle of July in this portion of Arctic Norway.

Though the marathon is the chief event there is a 10 KM race, half-marathon, kids’ race and even a 4.2 KM fun run. This is really a nice concept as the entire family can participate in something and feel happy about it. Pre-registration is essential if you wish to be a part of the great fun.

Lake of Stars

This typically attracts the Afro-pop fans, the dedicated sun-worshipers. The sparkling sands and the blue lake present a spectacular sight. Lake Malawi is the venue for the enchanting African festival. You can have a truly relaxing and rejuvenating vacation here as the place is known for its natural beauty and serenity. Enjoy the splendid view at sunrise that leaves you mesmerized.

When you are not enjoying and basking in the glories of nature, be sure to enjoy mind-blowing music presented by local talents. Come to have a fantastic time and enjoy the blend of international acts, popular DJs and local performers. Lake of Stars presents Mercury Prize winners Danny Kalima, Young Fathers, Gwamba and several others this year.

Meadows in the Mountains

This is a boutique festival that takes place in the magnificent settings of Rhodope mountain range in Bulgaria. This event gives you a golden opportunity to feel the majesty of nature and commune with it. Meadows in the Mountains is based on the concept of eco-friendly partying. The organizers are required to source art installations, timber shacks and stages right from the local forests and not outside it.  You could be sure to enjoy all types of live music bands like dub, funk, jazz ones and alternatives and most definitely earnest men and their acoustic guitars. Stay back for the pool party after the festival gets over. Buy tickets for this separately.

Author Bio: Francisco Blumer is a journalist, photographer and blogger. He loves traveling and music is his passion. He has attended almost all leading music fests of the world.