Meet a Profound Business Leader & Mentor In The Corporate World

Meet a Business Leader

The corporate world in the USA has seen many effective and successful business entrepreneurs that have left an indelible mark on the success and growth of the companies they are associated with. These leaders are considered catalysts for change and they make the company and nation proud of their achievements. In the USA, there is one leader that has brought in many positive changes to the company he is associated with- William Lauder. He is a brilliant entrepreneur and one of the most influential modern business leaders in the world!

William Lauder is the grandson of another great businessperson- Mrs Estee Lauder. She established her company – The Estee Lauder Company with just four simple products to make it a household name in the USA. William Lauder joined the company and made a positive difference to its identity in the global arena. He is selflessly devoted to the progress of the company.

William Lauder children, peers and family state that he is constantly thinking about innovative strategies to enhance the brand portfolio of the Company.  With the aid of these strategies, he was able to make the Estee Lauder Company reach the international arena with success.

William Lauder also made a positive impression on his customers after he started to look after the online activities of the Company. He established a personal touch with them and this helped the company to really establish its international presence in the global market. William Lauder increased the distribution channels of the company with success and also worked on improving the retail operations of the organization too.

He created the unique store within a store concept that became an outstanding success in the beauty industry. This concept allowed customers to find all the product brands underneath a single roof. He was in charge of nine specialty brands of the company. These brands included Clinique, MAC, Origins and Bobbi Brown. William Lauder was instrumental in introducing these popular and premium brands to the international market.

He is a major inspiration to modern day corporate business leaders who wish to bring a positive difference to their companies using innovative ideas and business strategies. Everyone is proud of him and they consider him to be one of the greatest business leaders the Company has ever had. William Lauder children, friends, peers, family and all the patrons of the beauty and cosmetic industry are extremely proud of him!