LEO Applock-A Must Have For The Android


Today is the world of revolution and smartness,the revolution which has come into existence in the world of smart devices. The smart phones have become an inevitable part of our lives and majority of our hours are spent on using our phones for one purpose or the other. Our phones carry a lot of our precious data. We are always worried about the security of the data stored in the smartphones and hence want to keep it out of the reach of children, prying friends, mischievous roommates etc.

The best way to keep our data secure is the LEO Applock. This is a locking application which helps the user to put a lock on various applications which we want to keep out of reach of anyone except ourselves. Applock allows the user to lock certain apps in the phones while the others are readily available for use without any lock.

In order to keep some of your precious data or various apps out of reach of the other people the best way is to use the LEO Applock. Just by downloading the Applock from the Google Playstore, you can safeguard your data. Besides providing just a way to lock the chosen apps, the LEO Applock also has fun covers and a good speed to match the speed of the smart phone.

The Applock allows the user to lock the various Apps either by using a four digit password or using a Patterned lock. In this way you can lock each individual app be it a social networking site application like Facebook or your email accounts or the phone’s photo gallery.

Another feature of the Applock is the App Cover which is available in various patterns and designs like Fingerprint, Beauty, Error and Unknown caller. The user may choose any of these whenever and app is to be locked. It also disguises any other person who uses the phone. It is extremely beneficial in case the phone gets lost or has been stolen.

The LEO Applock has got the five star rating due to its features and user friendly approach and also provides a pretty simple and cool way to boost up the phone in few seconds and also showing the amount of memory/RAM which has been cleaned.

The Applock has two modes, One is the Home mode and the other one is the User mode. These modes are very useful and help the user to lock the specific apps according to time and situation. For example at the Home mode the Applock will lock the apps which the user would not like their family to see. The user can also create his own modes for example the Time mode or the situation mode in which he can customise as to which apps need to be locked at what time or at what place or situation. For instance, a few apps might need to be locked when you have just entered which your phone gets to know by the time and a few apps might need to be locked when you are a certain place where the phone gets activated connecting to a particular Wi-Fi Network.

All these features makes the LEO Applock a very popular application amongst the users and is a must have in the smartphone. For more apps information click here https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1013745810