Job Opportunities in Malaysia


Malaysia is situated in South East Asian, nestled neatly between Singapore, an economic powerhouse in the south, and Thailand, a developing country which is showing positive signs of both social and economic development to the north. Over the past few years Malaysia has shown substantial economic growth and a number of industries are continuing to flourish, now is a good time to consider a career in this exciting and innovative South East Asian economy.

Marketing and Sales

This is an industry that whether times are good or bad always seems to show potential for employment, every company relies onexpert sales and marketing teams to help increase revenue and profits, pushing products out the door. A business striving to develop will always aim to hire salespersons that are creative, intelligent, and imaginative, these employees support key strategies which bring about a number of benefits to your company.

Information Technology

Businesses in Malaysia are continuing to embrace the age of Information Technology, it is a fast-paced, every changing industry, which incessantly shows growth and development right across the sector.Many areas in the Malaysian IT sector provide an excellent opportunity for prospective clients searching for jobs, some include fields such as cloud computing and data & analytical service centres.

Financial Services

A quick search for banking jobs in Malaysia will produce a wide variety of opportunities in this sector, the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009 required companies to adopt much more stringent legal and regulatory requirements, this in turn led to job creation in areas including financial auditing, risk assessment, governance, and commercial law. The financial and banking sector continues to show great promise for employee hoping to work in this industry.

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is an excellent sector to apply for work, especially in you are fluent in English and any other languages, Malaysia is an outstanding tourist destination which relies heavily on visitor to help its ever growing economy.The nation has a rich, fascinating history, which the Malaysian tourist board regularly promotes with the aid of employees who have a keen interest in its cultural diversity.


Malaysia has become a dynamic, exciting country embracing new business concepts such as online electronic transactions or e-commerce, it has gradually become one of South East Asia’s most eye-catching markets and a great place to find work in this industry. As the country’s economy continues to grow there is a noticeable increase in middle income earners, these people are increasing looking online to spend their disposable income. Malaysia attracts local and multinational corporations who are interested in finding a foothold in this market and grasping a sizeable share in the e-commerce industry.

The above information provides a brief insight into some of the job opportunities available in the South East Asian nation of Malaysia.  Individuals seeking employment have to be versatile and flexible when hoping to secure a job, some of the skills you have learned during your years at university are fast becoming irrelevant in today’s job market, it is now vitally important candidates possess a high degree of learnability.