How to Write an Extended Definition Essay


What You Need to Know on How to Write an Extended Definition Essay?
Why Students Hate Writing an Extended Definition Essay?
An Extended Definition Essay: Incredible Method that Works for All
The definition essay is deceiving because college students tend to mistake for an easy to make assignment. The truth is the definition essay is difficult to write. Aside from the fact that it requires from you to write a personal yet academic form of writing, you are limited to talk about only one definition of a specific word. Just one word! For that reason, whenever you are given to do custom Definition Paper assignment, you should carefully look for one word with definition that is lengthy and thorough. Our professional advice is to choose a word that you can write plenty about. In this post, we are willing to share with you a few standard methods of extended definition essay writing. We made sure that you, as a college student, have a freedom to elaborate on them and the selected term.
Method: Choosing the Right Kind of Word
1. Select an abstract word that has complex meaning. While the word itself can be simple, it will never provide you with enough of material to write about. That’s why it is crucial to choose an abstract word that suggest a complex concept with plenty of material to explore.
a) If you choose nouns that refer to a person, place, setting or object, there is not much definition behind them for a whole essay. That is why choose nouns that describe a phenomenon, idea, concept, theory, etc.
2. Use only the words that have disputable side to them. Your extended definition essay will take a more interesting shape if the word refers to something that can be a number of things. To make things even more interesting, the word should have different meaning to different people.
• Remember that any word will have a definition that subjective to certain extent.
• It is vital to provide a definition and explanation from your own perspective.
• If you use somebody else’s definition, the essay may turn out to be lacking in depth and limited.
3. Go with the word that you are familiar for a while. You always have to remember the fact that you are required to elaborate on the word definition that’s why explanation from the dictionary will simply not be good enough. Find a word that can rely on your personal base of knowledge. It is even better if you have had an experience related to a word, underlining the concept behind it.
• If the word “pedantic”, “eccentric” or “self-conscious” doesn’t mean much to you, then it is better to leave them out.
4. Do a research on the word’s origins. An exciting task, the search for the word’s origin should always start with the classic – the Oxford English Dictionary. You may look it up in the other etymology dictionary as well.
• The history behind the word will spark an additional insight, further “triggering” you to exploit on the theme of your writing.
5. Dictionary Definition is important. Stepping away on relying on dictionary definition only is a vital step, yet always familiarize yourself with its definition.