How to Take Care of Your Pearl Jewelry


Cultured pearls are used in most of the modern jewelries. These pearls are fully organic material and are formed by the nacre of an Oyster or clam. Taking the best care of your pearl jewelry is important to keep them in the best condition for long. Here is how you should take care of them

  • Pearls can be harmed by any type of chemicals. Your make up, the body lotion or the hair spray can destroy the luster of the pearls permanently. So, always put on your pearl jewelries only after you are completely done with your makeup and hairdo. Never put on even the mildest body lotion on them, it can be actually harmful. Make it a point to take off your pearls before putting on a hand cream or lotion.
  • Never store your pearls straight away after you have taken them off. After you have taken them off, immediately wipe them with a soft cloth. If you had them on for a short time, and nothing much seems to have come in contact with them, you can do the wiping with a soft dry cloth. However, if you have been sweating or the pearls were in touch with the makeup you have already put on, damp the cloth and wipe it. Before storing ensure that the pearls have been dried naturally.
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  • For cleaning your pearls all you need is a soft cloth and mild detergent diluted in normal water. Never use hard clothes, harsh detergents or warm water for cleaning your pearl jewelry. Complete the cleaning process with soft hands and never rub the pearls too hard and never use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning pearls.
  • Store your pearl jewelries separately. Pearls are soft and can easily get a scratch if they are tossed in together with other jewelries. It is suggested to store pearl jewelries separately in a jewelry pouch or in a dedicated box where the jewelry will not come in touch with anything hard or abrasive.
  • You might need to restring your pearl necklaces once a year depending on how much you wear them. Usually, thin threads are used for holding the pearls together in jewelry and the thread is sure to weather with time. So, changing the string before it breaks apart on its own is a good idea.

Pearl jewelries from the renowned sellers like always come with a separate note on care instructions and you should go through them thoroughly to know how to keep your pearls in the best condition.