How to Pick a Car That Suits Your Needs


While the entire Europe seems to be buying less and less cars, the situation is entirely different in the UK. It seems that registration of the new vehicles rose by 12% for 19 months in a row in 2013. (Patrick Barkham, October 2013, Guardian) There may be different reasons for this, but on the other hand, every person has their reasons to buy a car. Make sure you have your reasons before purchasing a car, because they will play a significant role in deciding which car to buy. Here are some of the important factors that you need to consider before making that choice.

How Many People are Using it

You need a different car based on the fact on how many people are going to use it. If you are driving it alone, you can even treat yourself with a two-seat convertible. However, if you have a family, things will be different. A small sized hatchback is probably the most useful car for those that live alone or are in a couple. It has just enough room for the both of you and all your things. Also, it will make a good choice if you are carpooling with your friends to work. A big and roomy SUV is a must for those that have children and big families. Babies may be small in size but their equipment takes up your entire trunk.

Distance That You Make

Some people do not drive their cars too much. They only use it for the times they need to leave the city. Others commute using their cars and they do not have the luxury of having a weak and badly made car. Therefore, if you use it only in certain situations, you can easily opt for a cheaper version of a smaller car. You do not have to worry about the type of fuel or the engine because it will work just fine for the miles you are making. However, if you are making bigger mileage, make sure that the engine is durable and from the right manufacturer. Different manufacturers make engines for many car companies. Look at the engine and not the exterior when you buy your car. Also, consider the type of fuel. While diesel is cheaper and it takes you further on a gallon, diesel engines are also easier to wear out and more prone to hazards. The choice is yours.

City Drive vs. Open Road

This is all about the size. Think about the parking in your city and you will know precisely what type of car you need. The time and the commodity that you get by using your car instead of the public transport is easily matched by the time and the inconvenience of trying to park your car. Small city cars are perfect for parking. Also, in order to have the best experience in driving your car in the busy streets, take the safer driver course. You will learn how to stay safe and you will learn how to drive your car without damaging it by bad driving. For the open roads, you need a bigger car. The bigger the car is, the nicer and more comfortable the drive is. The size and the weight of the car make it lean on the road well and the drive is smooth.

The last, but not the least, you need to think about the appearances. However, this should not be the first thing on your list. Pick the size and the type of fuel and engine first. Only after that, you should see what types of cars are in that range and choose the design that you like the most. In that way, you will have the car that suits you the best.