How to Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out


If you are new to online dating, the first thing you will need to do is create your dating profile. For newbies, it can be scary. But with a little help it can open up a whole lot of opportunity for you. It isn’t easy to exactly write what sounds good and will get attention. To know more about what a good dating profile looks like, you can go to and see some of the profiles posted there. If you are one of those looking for a guide to make your dating profile stand out from thousands of others in dating website, here are some tips you can use –

  • You will need to invest quality time to get quality results. While some websites will want you to answer many questions, while some will only have a few. It is best to answer all questions honestly to increase compatibility and increase your chances of finding your dream girl.
  • Most people tend to write about their personality and character rather than showing it. When writing your profile, it should reflect your personality. If you are a funny man, your profile should reflect it.
  • Most people put up misleading photos of themselves and in the end the other person might feel duped if you are not what they thought you were. Studies show that certain types of photos get best results for example – photos in groups, photos with pets or photos where you are doing something interesting. Ensure that these photos show who you exactly are. When you put photos, try to tell your life story with it. Show what kind of a person you are, what are your hobbies and what is important in your life.
  • Do not write too much text on your profile. Focus on quality rather than quantity. When there are hundreds of profiles on the website, most people will spend so much time reading what you have written. Make sure whatever you include should be interesting and can be used to start meaningful conversation. Try to create a profile that is a true reflection of your personality.
  • When creating a profile, it is best to balance it in regards to yourself and the person you are looking for. Most people either write everything about themselves or the person they are looking to meet. Try to balance it out perfectly to get good matches.

great dating profile tips

Remember that online dating needs patience and try not to spend too much time online looking through profiles and sending messages to every profile you come across. Give yourself time and you will surely meet the right person online.

Author Bio – Tim Rogers is a young blogger who covers and extensively writes about the online dating and how this new age phenonmenon is changing the dynamics of today’s relationship and social culture.