How to Carry Your Smartphone


Portable cellular phones have come a long way since the days when they first became available to the public. Cell phones have gone from the size of a brick to the size of a cigarette pack to getting flatter and smaller to flatter and larger. Today’s cellular phone is in a constant flux of change. Now a days, portable phones are more than just to make telephone calls. Cell phones have now been coined with the name smartphones and can do as much stuff as your personal computer. With such power in such a small device you are probably a little more concern over how you carry your cellular phone. If you are a woman than you are pretty fortunate in that you can just stuff that smartphone in your purse no matter what size it is however, for men, carrying a phone is not as easy. According to an article by Marcel Brown, many men try to put their smartphones in their pockets. Back in the days of flip phones the phone folder nicely into a small block and would fit in a breast pocket. Today’s smartphone has fragile touchscreens and a variety of sizes which makes it more difficult to place in a pocket. While you want to do your best to protect your smartphone while carrying it, you also need for it to be free and accessible. According to an article on Gizmodo, your smartphone was actually designed to take a slight beating. So forget all those silicone, water proof, plastic cases for your smartphone that only add bulk and weight. Let your smartphone be free and go natural because that was the way it was deigned to go anyways.

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