Guides to Create Your Kitchen Layout Lovely

Interior of a modern kitchen, simple and decorated.

Kitchen is the heart of the home. This line is truly said as it is where the family unites together to have the meal.  Whatever maybe our lifestyle, there is a lot that happens in the kitchen. Even when guests come in the house, preparing snacks and meal is done in the kitchen. Hence, the kitchen is an important part of the house where we socialize. A get together in the family or meeting friends over a cup of coffee, all requires the proper functioning of your kitchen utilities and electrical items. This is the only reason why your kitchen should not only be beautiful but also functional. This requires fulfilling not only one requirement but two which is why the challenge is even harder.

General mistakes that is done while remodeling a kitchen:      

To make sure that you do not regret about your kitchen later, there are some don’ts that you should follow while making your kitchen layout and design perfect. In order to make your kitchen practical and elegant, here are some mistakes that you should avoid in your kitchen design.

modern kitchen
modern kitchen
  • Do not obstruct– The kitchen triangle is the main part of the kitchen which is the area of the greatest activity. Sink, refrigerator and stove refers to the kitchen triangle which should have unobstructed access. Along with that, sinks should have very less distance from the stoves and the refrigerator. Also, it should be close to plumbing and not above it. If you have already done this mistake, then hire a plumber to relocate the plumbing necessities.
  • No wastage in storage space– Most of the kitchen designs show an improper utilization of space. This can be reduced with foreseeing and good planning. For small kitchens, you can install long and upper cabinets. The space above the refrigerator should be utilized by installing cabinets to store large items in the kitchen. You can also install shelves across the back of the lower cabinets. It will save you quite some space.
  • Less Counter top space– The kitchen design experts often forget the counter top part. Counter tops are an essential requirement for keeping the permanent appliances or for doing kitchen works. If your designer has also missed the counter top part then you can add an island or a breakfast bar as a suitable replacement.

Assess the lighting pattern and install glass backsplash to keep your kitchen clean:

beautiful modern kitchen
beautiful modern kitchen
  • Poor lighting– A kitchen is a place which needs a lot of light so that you can easily cook delicious food every time. Moreover, lighting is a matter of safety precaution which should not be avoided at all. In fact you should focus on providing light when everywhere it is needed. While some areas require strong lighting, some areas could do with low lights. Hence each spot can be provided with the exact light it needs. You can also enhance the beauty of the kitchen with mini lights or with accent lighting.
  • Installing a backsplash– Many kitchen models forget the back splash part while designing. It is true that you can save a lot of bucks by not considering it but in the long run it will not only cost you more but also mar the beauty of your kitchen. It is easier to wipe the grease off from the backsplash since it is made of tile or plastic.
  • Wrong kitchen island– Kitchen islands as stated earlier give you space for your kitchen works but placing it in the wrong place or choosing the wrong design can prove to be a disaster.

Hire professionals

If you think of completing the project all by yourself to save money, remember that it can have further consequences. Not only will it waste your time and energy but it will also often have a tendency to go wrong with repairing which can cost you much more. So, Design your Kitchen in very correct way with just a single click here and see how beautiful your kitchenette is!