Get Rid of Excess Body Fat with the Help of the Latest Technique


Getting rid of excess fat that accrue on the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and other parts of the body can be an infuriating process. Frequently, nutrition and workout are just not adequate to the job. In such circumstances, people who want to achieve more visually pleasing body contours turn to liposuction. This method has been one of the most popular plastic surgery techniques in the last couple of decades. This safe, proven procedure has helped millions of patients to improve their figures through the accurate targeting and removal of isolated deposits of fat. Thus, liposuction is possibly the best solution for anyone who wants to improve and revitalize their body curves.

Sono Bello offers an advanced fat removal procedure known as TriSculpt which comprises of three important steps such as:

  • Define: In this step the physicians try to identify the unique problems of people and find out the best treatment option for the patient. In this step, the physicians modify the procedure so that one can achieve best and custom-made results.
  • Target: This step consist of Power-Lite Liposuction process which targets and eliminates the majority of unwanted fat. During this step, localized anesthesia is used which keeps the patient alert but comfortable.
  • Eliminate and sculpt: In this step micro-laser lipo is used by the physician to further sculpt and improve the area after the fat has been eliminated. These motivate creation of collagen, contours small areas, and tighten up skin to offer a radiant and flawless look.

Sono Bello states that during the TriSculpt procedure localized anesthesia is only required because this helps in providing quick recovery and less interruption. However, the physicians if required can provide medication to relax and calm the patient during the surgical procedure. This procedure is same like that of the traditional liposuction but do not involved bleeding, risk of infection and pain.

The procedure is the usual option available after failed attempts to address issues of excess fats in certain areas. The procedure begins with the numbing of tissues in the target area, after which, a long and thin cannula is inserted to suction the fat. Once the intended amount of fat has been removed, the surgeon moves on to treat another area, and repeats the process. Certain health conditions may prevent patients from being suitable candidates for this procedure such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. This is why; Sono Bello recommends getting a thorough health checkup before considering the treatment.

Record suggests that more than millions of patients has been able to get rid of the unnecessary body fat and are leading a comfortable life post-surgery. Doctors agree that by reducing the quantity of body fat one can get rid of potential heart diseases, certain types of cancers and even diabetes. Moreover, an individual’s appearance and more importantly their self-esteem can be greatly influenced by this surgical procedure.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that one can get rid of the excess body fat with the help of the advanced TriSculpt procedure.