Finding the Genuine Pearls – A Simple Guide to Help You Find an Excellent Piece


Pearls have their own special place amidst other precious metals. It is a symbol of purity, modesty and virtue. Hence, it is in great demand, especially when they are studded onto gold jewelries. All the other precious metals are extracted from the ores, which are formed after millions of years whereas pearls are organic gems that are harvested from rearing special breed of shellfishes and oysters.

Jewelry pieces studded with pearls have greater value than the designs that are available with gem stones. Hence, while purchasing one, you should give extra importance to many factors. You can always avail all the information while planning to purchase a pearl jewelry set by visiting

Genuine Pearls


The natural color of the pearls that were harvested from the oysters and shellfishes are white or creamy white and yellowish white. However, with the growing demand, the experts started enhancing their beauty by coating the outer layer with the naturally prepared dyes of different colors.

How are they Formed

Oysters always keep their shells open while breathing underwater. When a minute object like sand particle enters into its shell, it suddenly releases the “nacre”, which is a semi translucent object, as the defense to that particular foreign body. With the proceeding years, the nacre starts building up and finally takes the shape of a pearl. Even though the deposition continues for many years, there is no guarantee that the resulting pearl will be perfectly shaped.

Amongst the abruptly shaped pearls, the harvesters will also find perfectly shaped pieces, but on very rare occasions. Hence, these pearls cost comparatively higher than the regular shaped pieces.

Finding the Right One

There are many types when it comes to learning more about the types of pearls. Some of the types include, Japanese Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Chinese Akoya Pearls, naturally cultured pearls, etc. Hence, while buying one, experts always suggest giving importance to some factors.

  • Similarity:

There is no guarantee that the precious gem pieces used in a jewelry piece are all of the same texture. Even though the jewelry experts take extra care in studding the pearls, a simple variation in the finish or color will make the whole collection look unbalanced. Hence, always check for the similarities between different pieces.

Genuine pearlss

  • Size and Luster:

Next to the similarity comes the luster and size of each pearl. When you carefully go through the “nacre” (outer layer) of each piece, you can check for the similarities in their size. Always look for the gems that reflect the perfect mirror image on their luster, every time the light rays fall on it.