Feast Your Eyes with Some Mind Blowing Sights When On a Dubai Cruise Ride


Dhow cruise in Dubai is one of the best ways to spend some precious time of your vacation. Apart from enjoying the fun filled floating time on the azure waters, you will also get to witness some mind blowing sights along the way.

Be it a private cruise or a regular boat rides in Dubai, your eyes will be treated with some wonderful sights that you can never forget in your lifetime. Select the Dhow cruise ride option when planning a trip to Dubai and enjoy seeing some excellent sights along the way. Some are listed below.

  • Heritage Village

As the name says, Heritage Village is the place in Dubai that holds mirror to the glorious history of Dubai. The lanes in the whole village are lined with traditional dress material shops, market places, local wares, etc. Mark the place in your map and make sure to visit the village before your date of departure from Dubai.

You can either choose bike riding or can just walk along the path with your dear ones. You will never regret spending your money in buying the top quality goods in the village.

  • The Chamber of Commerce Building

The building takes pride in being the architecture that is designed with the blend of beautiful angular lines and glass facades in one place. It is also described as the marvelous canvas that never fails to attract the eye of the visitors, especially when the sun rays fall and also reflect on the glass facades. You will get to enjoy the gleam of the gleam of the structure if you take the cruise rides during morning times.

  • Sheikh Zayed’s Ancestral Home

The ancestral homes of the Dubai Sheikhs take pride in being the representations of the marvelous planning of such architects, who once lived in Dubai. One such ancestral houses stands on the coastline of the Dubai beach. Designed and built more than a century ago, the house of Sheikh Zayed reflects the intelligence of the architects of those times.

The house of Sheikh Zayed is built in such a way that it holds mirror to the traditional concepts of architecture, which Arabian kings used to follow during their time. It looks just like a fort and is surrounded with four towers. These watchtowers help security service of Sheikh to guard the fort 24/7.

  • Al Ain Museum

Al Ain Museum is built near the fort of the Sheikh. When you follow your eyes along the path of the fort, while cruising, you will see the museum located quite closer to the house of Sheikh. If you are interested in learning more about the Dubai history, then feel free to step off from your ride and take your time to explore the whole museum area. You can easily find a cruise that can take you back to your starting point, once you are done there.

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, especially when there is the birthday of your dear one around the corner, then you can find many ideas to celebrate their birthday in Dubai. All you have to do is search and contact the right source and plan the best and memorable birthday ever for your spouse, child or even your loved one.