Easy Tips on Reaching a Wider Audience in Marketing


In the days before the Internet marketing and all the perks that it has brought, business owners fantasized about the possibility to send the direct message about their product to those people that actually want and need that product. For example, a hair salon for ladies would love to be able to reach women that are in need of a new hairstyle. Today, metrics and the analysis that Google provides us with, makes this possible. Here are the ways how to reach wider audience in marketing.

Identify Target Audience

Think your business and your product through and sketch your ideal customer. This is the person that you want to talk to. For example, a hardware store that sells home appliances and tools should not target the professional handymen with their ads about the drills that are used at home. They need professional tools and this is irrelevant to them. However, DIY enthusiasts and people with their own sheds who love working with their hands are perfect target audience members.

Choose the Channels for Your Audience

Once you know who your target audience is, you need to learn about their habits and their needs. Most importantly, you need to know where they search for the stuff they need and what kind of content do they absorb. This means identifying the channels that they use. You will not get far if you advertise a teenage product on the radio. However, if you make a strong Facebook campaign, or even a Facebook app that gets them involved, you will hit your target.

Alter the Message to Include Other Channel Users

Once you choose the audience and you have the way to speak to them, make sure that you expand on the audience that you have. Your target audience are not the only ones that use that particular channel. That means that other people will be exposed to your message. Alter it a bit to appeal to them, as well. If you want to open a cafeteria, you will need to build a strong social media presence in order to reach your target group. However, besides the young people that love spending time at these places, you can also reach business owners that would be interested in catering. Simply add that info into your message and expand the audience.

Always Stay Relevant

It is never about the quantity, but about quality when it comes to the content that you want to share with your audience. The content needs to be relevant and your posts need to be something that people want to share their friends. This means that they need to be fun, relevant, informative and entertaining. You can include different types of media, like infographics, photos, videos and the like.

Contests and Promotions

Once you are present at all the right channels and you are in touch with your audience and the borderline audience, as well, you need to engage them. Discounts, actions, promotions and sales are things that people pay attention to and they follow them in order to get good deals. Offer customized lollies to the kids of the mothers that enter your competition and the discount for the winner. It will definitely attract the attention of many parents.

The game of marketing is a tough and dynamic one. Some small businesses find it very useful to simply hire professionals to take care of their marketing while they deal with the more specific issues concerning their business. That might be one of the wisest choices. However, if you think you have what it takes and you do not mind following trends and keeping up, give it a go.