Deca Durabolin whose trade name is Deca and Nandrolone Decanoate is a popular anabolic androgenic steroid which is popular among the bodybuilding industry. This steroid is used for bulking and for increasing the endurance. With this steroid, one can improve the muscle growth and also have good appetite along with increased bone density as well as production of red blood cells; are some of the results of deca and sustanon.

Deca Test Cycle

The best cycle duration for Deca and Testosterone cycle is ten weeks. Its best to weight the odds of the cycle duration. In order to get the best results of deca and sustanon, its best to go for eight weeks cycle a year than for going with sixteen week cycle per year. After the Deca Test cycle, the PCT is best to go with two to four weeks. But it is of no use, to use if the testosterone level is at optimum level, again excess levels are dangerous. PCT must be started with the steroid levels are low so that the testosterone levels restore to the normal levels. There are also side effects like hair fall when Deca Durbolin is used. It is because of Nandrolone transformation into DHN in the body.

Dihudronandrolone is similar to DHT but it does not have 19-methyl group. Nandrolone generally converts to DHn and it does not form a strong bond with androgen receptor while DHT does. Nanadrolone will be acting as a 5a- reductase inhibitor and DH amount will reduce nandrolone presence. While Nandrolone delays the production of testosterone and this will make testosterone transformation into DHT difficult. AS testosterone users will be having high amount of DHT along with androgen in their scalp. While nandrolone users will have low DHT levels and low androgen. Androgen will not block DHT and poteins will be in scalp. Nandrolone will helps a person in maintaining hair while testosterone will promote baldness. Deca is not as powerful as Testosterone.

Helps in reducing body fat

Deca is best for treating the joint pains because of its lubrication ability. This is used by many athletes during the off season so that their endurance is increased and it helps in building the muscle mass and reduces the body fat and also promotes the nitrogen balance.

Stacking and cycles

The most common stacking with Deca is testosterone enanthate or cypionate or with dianabol and Sustanon. The common cycle for male is for ten to fourteen weeks and at a dose of 250-500mg each week while for women it is for ten t fourteen weeks and at a dose of 25 to 100mg. Many people prefer to use trenbolone instead of testosterone during their cutting cycles. Tren is used for lean muscle tissues and it also enhances the muscle size along with increasing the endurance of the muscle. The stacking of Deca with testosterone is safe but it is not healthy for those who have blood pressure.If a person finds the lipid profile unsatisfactory while using the stacking cycle, then they have to decrease the cycle for few weeks. One must reduce the cycle to half and then see the blood lipid levels to check the decrease in the effect. In many cases, the problem will disappear. Its common to have bad lipid profiles while using steroids.