Crete an awareness videos using your mobile

awareness videos

The Smart phones have various features, so most of the people like to own it. The advanced applications help them to achieve all the process without the help of computer. The smart phones are updated with many technical advantages, which simplify and reduce the user’s effort. However by using the mobile phones they can also participate in the events like film festival. Some of the organizations let the people to create some awareness video on any topic and also announce price and awards for the best presentation. The best videos will be broadcasted on various meetings to make awareness on Global Warming or Climate Change.

Mobile Film Festival event:

It is a film festival based on the theme of Climate Change. A one minute explainer video is given in the official forum for giving the idea to the audiences. It has basic three rules which are explained below. The video should be captured by the Mobile device and the participant should not use the other equipments like Digital camera or Cam coder. The next condition is, the running time of the video should be only 1 minute and if it exceeds the duration then it will be rejected. The final condition is, the concept of the video must be about the Climate Change and should submit only one film.

Entry conditions and prizes:

This mobile film festival is conducted by the association named Mobil event, which is located in Paris. Before participating and sending the videos, the participants must accept the terms and condition of this company. A participant who breaches any one of the norms will be summarily rejected by the Company without any prior notice. The participant must be a major and should submit the video to the Mobil event’s official URL only. There is no participation charge for this event and it will be held from 3 November to 30 November 2015. One entry will be given for the participant and will be asked to watch all the videos or need to share the invites with his family members or friends. The best thing about participating in this event is everyday a video which got more views will be selected as the winner. The prizes will be distributed on the very same day, so the participants can expect prizes or awards till the completion of MFF.

On December 1st the overall winner will be announced for this event and if two members have the same number of viewers for their video, then the organization will announce it as Draw. The prizes will be distributed for both winners. The participants must frequently visit the website for daily updates and the losing participants will not be contacted for any circumstances. The winner of a day can receive the Amazon’s gift voucher, which has the value of 50 Euros. They can redeem it from the Amazon platform and the winner of the weak will receive an iPhone 6s. Finally the overall winner can have the iPad, which has the worth of 399 Euros on 1st December 2015.