Conserving the Ecological Balance is now a fun affair with Zoological Wildlife Foundation, Miami


In the recent years, there has been a rapid interest in the conservation of animals due to the rapid loss of biodiversity in the recent years. With many different processes like the loss of forests due to human encroaching, overpopulation and climate change, there has been a rapid decline in the biodiversity present on this earth. The proof to this statement can be realized when you consider the fact that over 41,415 species of animals in the world are on the UN red list or are facing a serious threat of becoming endangered if no measures are taken for their protection. Moreover, 16,311 species now face the threat of extinction and have been declared to be endangered.

If these statistics are not enough to make you sit upright, the fact that over 785 species of animals have become extinct in the world surely will. At the current rate of destruction of wildlife, there is soon going to be a major misbalance in the ecological scale and a number of food chains may lead to the extinction of a number of more species. In this situation, human intervention is of utmost important if we are to ensure the survival of these species out in the wild. In the recent years, with greater awareness about the loss of biodiversity in the world, steps have been taken to ensure the continuation of the survival of these species of animals including the setup of national parks, biodiversity hotspots and conservation projects.

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation

One of such institutions that attempt to ensure the protection of endangered species in the world is the Zoological Wildlife Foundation situated in Miami, in south Florida. This foundation has been actively involved in the spreading of awareness about the need for conserving animals by allowing humans to interact and get up close and personal with these creatures. The foundation is spread across a total area of 5 acres and hosts a number of animals that are both endangered and rescued. Some of the bigger mammals in the area include Lions, Brown lemurs, Amur leopards, servals, the Royal Bengal Tiger and even Prairie dogs along with a host of other exotic birds and animals. Moreover, the zoo hosts a number of reptiles as well.

What can you expect at the Foundation?

With the option of getting photos clicked with the adorable animals on site, the visitors can also avail of a trip across the zoo in a trolley and is escorted by a guide who is highly educated about the animals and their behavioral patterns. With interesting anecdotes about every animal as well as a acute summary of all the different problems that are faced by them, the trip is as entertaining as it is educational as it allows people to realize just how devastating human behavior is on the wildlife.

At the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, you can have a great time with all your family and enjoy in the company of adorable wild animals while becoming more aware of the conditions that are faced by them.