Australian Permanent Residency – Types and Immigration details


Why do you mean by permanent residency?

A permanent resident can work, study or live without any restriction from the Australian government. A permanent resident is much like Australian citizen, and they have full rights to act like a citizen of Australia. A permanent resident can travel anywhere in Australia but, if they want to travel internationally,they should possess the permanent visa. Additionally, they should have the valid travel documents.

  • The person can enjoy the rights of voting in the Government election.

Types of Permanent residency

There are two types of application, one is temporary residency process and another one is permanent residency process.

Permanent residency application process

In order to get the PR card, the person should meet the requirements, and eligibility that are listed in the form. Before applying for the visa, you must arrange all the necessary documents required for the visa. In fact, there are two major documents other than the tour documents. They are

  • Skill test report – It should have a signature of any of the government officials.
  • Exam documents – It may be TOEFL, JEE Mains, IELTS and similar exam

As soon as you have arranged all these essential documents, you can move on to the next steps.

How to choose exact visa

There are many varieties of visa category to choose from but the most common types are listed below

  • Subclass 190
  • Subclass 186
  • Subclass 189

Once you have opted for the visa, you can complete the application form by providing all the personal details. Make sure that you have entered the valid details. In case the information is invalid, the Australian government has the full rights to reject your Visa application.

  • Subclass 888
  1. Permanent residency with investment visa
  2. If the person needs to invest in any of the companies in Australia, then they can apply for Subclass 888
  3. If you want to do any business in Australia, then can you apply Subclass 888. But you have to make sure that your business grows successful within 4 years.
  • Subclass 820

If you are a permanent visa holder and have a spouse in Australia, you can apply for Subclass 820

Some of the other categories are listed below

If you want to apply for permanent residency visa Australia, you can choose any one of the categories as per your need.

  1. Subclass 820 –            Family- based Australian residency
  2. Sub class 186 –            Skill based Australian permanent residency
  3. Sub class 188 –            Business Innovation and Investment Visa

Types of Immigration program

There are two types of Immigration program.

  • The Migration program
  • The Humanitarian program

The Migration program

There are two types of Migrants, skilled Migrants, and Business Migrants. These Migrants are chosen based on the health, skills, qualification, age and language ability. But some factors such as gender, culture, and race are not considered. Skilled Migrants should have the required qualification so that they might improve the economy as well as the Society. Business migrants are the ones, who have some business skills that come under the Business Skills Category.

If you apply for the immigration Australia permanent residency, you can avail all opportunities in Australia that you have ever dreamt about.