Aromatherapy Scents are Stronger than you think


The technique of aromatherapy as the name suggests entirely based on the scents that is produced from the essential oils or components of plants and trees. These components can be flowers, fruits, roots, branches, leaves, stem or seeds of the plant or tree. They are just like the medicines from nature. These aromas help in restoring the equilibrium in the body and also promotes the healing of various tissues.

We have seen beauty salon offering aromatherapy as a skin treatment or a relaxation technique that is done with a professional method using herbs and essential oils. However, there more benefits of aromatherapy than one can think of. Human beings have been known to react to fragrances from the ancient times and have learned the art of using the sense of smell for making food choices. Some of these benefits, might amaze you and tempt you to adapt aromatherapy for your natural wellness.

In the fast paced life, we may not get the time to sit back and relax even on the weekends. While undergoing aromatherapy one can sense the calmness that the scents of lavender and jasmine provide to the mind. Their power to relax the mind and soothing the nerves combats stress, mental tiredness and relieves us of the tensions for a while. Thereby, establishing peace of mind after which one can feel the difference between the ability of the brain. A calm and a relaxed mind can concentrate better and work efficiently.


We usually consider ice packs, ointments and tablets for treating the pain. It may come as a surprise that aromatherapy can work for body pain as well. Clary Sage is extensively used in relieving women from menstrual pain. Aromatherapy can counter the pain that one experiences during surgery or after sustaining an injury.

Vapours of eucalyptus help in providing relief from the congestion of the nasal passage. Aromatherapy has worked wonders for the patients suffering from breathing disorders like asthma. Patients with asthma have shown reduced level of severity of the disease and symptoms. People suffering from sinus may be advised by the doctors to include aromatherapy as a part of the treatment.

Aromatherapy has been known to reduce the depression and promote an active mind.The aromas produced with lemon oil, that are experimentally known to enhance the alertness of the brain. It is not necessary that fragrances be produced in the bowl of hot water only. Optimum grade essential oils are known to produce aromas that help in fighting the influenza virus and its symptoms. Even a light massage with the essential oil can bring back your shining and smiling face back.

The essential oils that are used in the therapy are highly concentrated and may cause skin reactions during the massage. They are mixed with carrier oils like grape, almond and soya to decrease their concentration. Diffuser and scented sticks are some other available sources to get the benefits of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy helps improves blood circulation in the body. Professional can guide you about the oils that can be used in cases of high as well as low blood pressure. The components that are used in aromatherapy are rich in antioxidants improves the health of your skin.

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