An Overview Of Escort Agencies Like The Escorts Gatwick


An escort agency is a company which provides escorts for people, generally for sexual services. Such agencies usually arrange meetings between escorts and their customers at a hotel room or the customer’s house or someplace convenient for both the parties. There are plenty of agencies who provide escorts for a long time, like staying with the client or traveling with them on a business or holiday trip.

An escort agency usually charges a fee for bookings and dispatch services, but the customers can negotiate additional arrangements or fees with the escort. This is done for services which are not directly paid the involved agency, like involving in sexual services, which is an illegal one.

How does an agency like the Escorts Gatwick operate?

Agencies claim that they send these people for providing a social as well as conversational service rather than for sexual acts. Prostitution laws forbid taking money for sex or arranging a meeting for sexual services.

  • Recruitment

Organizations like Escorts Gatwick recruit people for working as escorts by posting employment advertisements in a newspaper or magazine. They usually maintain a list of different types of escorts according to their age and appearances for catering different needs of customers. Often, agencies can be seen who only deal with a certain type of escort.

Agencies normally specialize in only one type of gender. Some escort agencies are also known to provide transgender or transsexual escort services. There are female-for-male, male-for-male, and female-for-female and male-for-female escort agencies.

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After an escort agency has decided to recruit a person, they will provide photographs or make a portfolio from photographers. These pictures will be posted on the website of the agency or spread among people for the promotion of the escort  business. Some bigger escort agencies maintain websites with galleries of their escorts’ photographs. Clients contact these agencies and describe what kind of escorts they are looking for. The agency will then suggest an escort who can fill the client’s needs.

After collecting the client’s contact information, they call the escort. For the protection of the escort’s identity and efficient communication with the clients, the agencies arrange for an appointment. Sometimes, escorts can contact the client directly for making the arrangements regarding the time and the location of the appointment. So, the escort must also call the agency upon arriving at the location and leaving, for ensuring their safety and protection.

  • Financial considerations

The amount of money made by the escort depends on various factors like sexual attractiveness, commissions paid to the agency, competition from different sources, etc. An escort agency charges their escorts either flat fees for every client connection or percentage of the pre-arranged rate. Independent escorts can have different prices depending on the season or time and many other factors like the regularity of the client.

Independent escorts sometimes meet clients for extended meetings which involve dinner or social activities. Escort service charge varies with the geographical area. In the major cities like New York, the rate tends to be higher than small cities.

So, escort services are organizations that send people as escorts to clients for various purposes. They work by recruiting people and then sending them to the set destination.