All you need to know about wedding makeup


The wedding day is a big day in in everyone’s life. The brides and grooms want to bring the best look of glamour on the very special day of their life. They want to bring out their best appearance on their wedding day. Whether a person will opt for a wedding make up done professionally or they will do it themselves, what matters is the fact that they must match the skin tone. Keeping aside the dress, location and ceremony, most of the brides worry about their hair do and make up. Here are a few things that brides need to know to perfectly match with their wedding makeup.

  1. The makeup should be simple so that you find yourself comfortable in it. A bright eye makeup by highlighting your eyebrow may give you a well defined look. A little amount of foundation and concealer without over doing it will bring a natural touch over your face.
  2. The brides are often carried away by emotions on their wedding day. Tears rolling down from your eyes may spoil your make up. So, it is better to focus on the waterproof makeup. The make up finishing spray are very suitable for the brides as hey are sweat-proof, tear proof, and also hides the stress and tensions from over the face.
  3. A bold eye makeup or little brighter blushers with a dark lip color emphasize the features of our face and highlights them. This kind of make up will give you beautiful wedding photographs where the bride will shine the most.
  4. Time more time while doing your makeup on the wedding day and do not hurry like you do on other days. Hurrying with it may end up with a mess up on the full attire.

Now come the other important facts regarding the wedding day makeup. That is how to do the perfect makeup. Most of the brides go to a professional makeup artist who can understand their style for the wedding day makeup.

Following are a few tips on how you will do your makeup:

  • Start your makeup by applying the primer on your face. The primer covers up the imperfections over your face like spots or breakouts, in such a way that it would not be visible over the lens of the camera.
  • Avoid the color difference between the face and the neck. Put some foundation over the neck too, that matches the color of your face evenly.
  • Mix the under eye concealers carefully to the skin of the face so that it does not become too white and look natural. Failing to use an even toned concealer would result in white under eye mishap.
  • Put some bronzer or blotting powder over the foundation of the face and neck.
  • Sketch out your eyebrows using a pencil liner to make them bright.
  • Define your eyes with a sharp eye makeup highlighting them using liquid liners and coloring shadows.
  • Brighten your cheeks using the blusher and blend them evenly at the edges. Also, choose a blusher that gives a spark.
  • Go for a lip lining using a lip liner before putting up the lip color. Use any dark shade lip color which increases the sharpness of your lips.

After completing your makeup and hair do, feel relaxed and enjoy your special day with the perfect look and get best photograph top photographers.You can choose the best photographers from canvera.