Advantages of Living in an Independent House in Bangalore


When you are looking to buy a house in Bangalore, you are sure to be considering both: independent houses and also residential complexes. While there are going to be many people who will advocate the concept of residential flats, we will give you a different way to look at things. We are not going to give you reasons as to why you should either construct or buy independent houses in Bangalore.

Below is a list of things that will give you reason enough to get one of those independent houses in Bangalore:

  • The colonial style of housing:

Bangalore is a city where housing in independent houses is nothing lesser than the elegant colonial way of life. Most of the older independent houses in Bangalore are built in the colonial style, giving the residents a feel-good-factor to their houses. This also means that the houses are a lot more systematic and also convenient to live in.

  • Preferred architecture:

When you choose to live in an independent house in Bangalore, you do not need to confine yourself to the architecture that the builders have to give you. You can decide everything when it comes to the house, right from the size of the rooms to how many balconies you want to have. When you live in a residential complex, you will have to make do with whatever the builder has to give you.

You can also have all the amenities you need and make sure that you do not run out of anything at all.

  • No society rules:

Living in a residential complex makes you follow too many rules. As many as you might not even like to follow. While this can be eliminated when you live in an independent house. You do not need to adhere to any rules that are framed by an authority of sorts.

  • Ease of renovation and changes:

You might want to revamp your house at any point in time and permissions become an issue. When you are an owner on an independent house in Bangalore, you will not have to wait for anyone to give you the green signal. This is one thing that will always attract you towards the concept of independent houses.

You will also see that there are many neighbors and other people you will have to deal with when it comes to these things. Using your own space and resources more effectively is possible in an independent house.

  • Better returns on investment:

An independent house will not only make your life better, but will also make the locality look much better as well. This will also increase the prices of the property. You will have a better scope for development of the land with better utilization. Installation of other eco-friendly resources like rain water harvesting and solar panels is also a simpler task when it comes to independent houses.

  • Ease of availability:

There are many people who have individual houses for resale in Bangalore and you are not going to face issues while trying to locate them. It is much easier to find an independent house that will suit your needs. There are definitely many upcoming residential projects in Bangalore, but these are just easier to find and modify in accordance to your needs.

All of the above are reasons which are going to lead you towards independent houses. But you cannot ignore the number of possibilities and facilities that you will have when you are a part of a residential complex in Bangalore.