5 of the Weirdest College Courses Offered


People go to college for different reasons. Mostly, we want to prepare ourselves for the job market, to go out into the world with our hard earned degrees and skills to get the career of our dreams, so we can buy a house, take awesome vacations, make a difference and live happily ever after. An education is valuable for its own sake though, and sometimes we find that some of the most interesting things we might learn in college can come from classes that may not do much to prepare you for your dream job, but will do a lot to up your cool points or geek points outside of the class room. Here then are five of the weirdest, actual college courses available to you as you go forward with your academic career.

#5 Elvish

That’s Elvish, not to be confused with anything related to Elvis (we’re sure there are classes focused on him as well). At the University of Wisconsin, you can take this course focused on teaching you the mystical, fictional language of the Elvin race portrayed in the legendary book and movie trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. That’s pretty useful, too. I mean, it may tick off your prospective employer if you apply for a job asking for bilingual speakers and it turns out they don’t usually service anyone from Rivendell (at most offices you’ll probably have at least a couple Trolls though). But if your looking to put the moves on a fair maiden or a handsome lad at your next Renaissance fair or comic convention, then this course will definitely give you a running start.

#4 UFO’s in American Society

At Temple University in Philadelphia, you can learn all about the history of the UFO phenomenon as it has been understood in, and its impact on, American society, from the general public to the government and the U.S. military. You may think it silly but just remember the words of The X-Files: “The Truth is Out There.” Heck, you might find it at Temple University!

#3 Under Water Basket Weaving

This unique and specialized skill is offered in a course at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. It’s perfect for…well, learning to weave a basket under water. Trick somebody into making a drunk bet with you about it and you can definitely make some money!

#2 The Sociology of Miley Cyrus

May not help you complete UAB’s online mis degree, but at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. you may become familiar with the sociological implications of Miley Cyrus. For crazed fans, this is the perfect way to take your obsession to another level.

# 1 Zombies in Popular Media

This would be a good course for me to take, because for the life of me I cannot understand the appeal of zombies. (They’re slow, not very witty, and sloppy eaters who nobody wants to sleep with…as if you don’t meet enough of those types on a Saturday night at the club already.) But at Columbia College in Chicago, you can learn this and much more. Perfect for the next time you’re caught in a conversation about The Walking Dead and you want to transition to talking about Zombies as a metaphor for consumerism in the American economy!