5 Gadgets That Make Life Easier


It would not be an overstatement to say that gadgets are an inescapable part of contemporary existence.These days, practically every person is paired up with, at the very least, a smartphone and a computer, and the number of electronic devices which are part of our everyday lives seems to be constantly increasing.

That being said, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who is willing to denounce gadgets altogether – and that’s because these nifty devices actually make our lives easier and more pleasant. Here are just a few of the more recent examples!

Smart Watches

Most people consider smart watches an extension of smart phones; after all, some of their most oft-touted features are call and message notifications. But thinking of smart watches purely in those terms would be doing these devices a disservice. Smart watches come equipped with an array of unique apps that can effectively turn them into anything from portable media players to full-fledged phones. Even if you’re not on board with the idea yet, you ought to know by now that smart watches aren’t going anywhere – they’re just too convenient.


Wireless Chargers

Speaking of convenience, don’t you hate having to deal with tangled cables and a perpetual lack of outlets every time you want to charge your phone or other device? This issue is well on its way to becoming a thing of the past. Wireless inductive smartphone chargers have really taken off this year, and it’s easy to see why: just put your (compatible) phone on one of these and watch that battery indicator go up. No mess, no fuss, and best of all, no cables. There are even plans in motion for wireless chargers whose charging distance is measured in feet!

Smart Wallets

There is still no general consensus on what a smart wallet is or what it can do, but that hasn’t stopped many businesses and tech start-ups from experimenting – and the first batch of these gadgets truly feels revolutionary. Wocket, for example, transforms all of your credit and debit cards into a single one that’s electronically and biometrically protected. Its competition, Walli, can pair up with your phone to make sure you never lose either. Keep an eye out for these and other smart wallets; they might very well be the next big thing on the gadget market.

Activity Trackers

Otherwise known as fitness trackers, these handy little gadgets help you keep your health in check by monitoring your heart rate, walking/running distance, calorie consumption, and other metrics important for staying fit. They are a must-have for fitness freaks, but can potentially be even more useful to rookie gym-goers and people who just want to shed a few pounds. With activity trackers, it’s much easier to know just how much progress you’re making, and therefore to stay motivated in the long run.


You might wonder how a quadcopter drone can make your life easier. Well, first off, there are various quadcopters on the market, suitable for anything from high-class aerial photography and videography to search-and-rescue operations and home inspections! In the future, your parcels and food might be delivered by quadcopters, too. If you want to buy a quadcopter, now is definitely the time – check out a top 10 list of quadcopters and read a review or two, and you’ll be amazed at what these little machines are capable of. Plenty of things are better and easier with quadcopters – and that just might include your work or hobby.